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New Evidence in Link Between Gum Disease and Heart Disease

Atherosclerosis – a term for the hardening and/or thickening of arteries – occurs when cholesterol, fats, and other substances build up to form plaque along the walls of arteries. Depending on their size, these plaques can partially or fully block blood flow in the artery. When this blockage occurs in coronary arteries, it could eventually result in a heart attack. It’s long been established that gum disease and heart disease have a common link. Past research has proved that Porphyromonas […]

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3 Non-Oral Health Issues Linked to Poor Dental Hygiene

Most people know that maintaining poor dental hygiene habits can cause a number of oral concerns, including bad breath, tooth decay, and even gum (periodontal) disease. What many people don’t know, however, is that aside from these conditions, failing to regularly brush and floss may eventually lead to other serious, potentially life-threatening issues. These illnesses and their potential links to dental hygiene are highlighted below. Alzheimer’s Disease – In a 20-year-long study involving 152 men and women, researchers at New […]

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Dr. Mabry Helps Restore Smile for Reformed Inmate

Smiles Beyond The Bars (SBTB) is a Christian-based organization devoted to helping restore beautiful smiles for reformed inmates in need of dental care following their release from prison. Through a variety of oral services, the goal is for these former detainees to gain the confidence they need in their smile to become successful and productive members of society. As a dental dignitary and board member of the SBTB organization, Dr. Mabry had the opportunity to utilize his skill and expertise […]

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Introducing Our New Practice Name – North Scottsdale Dental Studio

Dr. Todd Mabry and our entire team are thrilled to announce the change of our practice’s name to North Scottsdale Dental Studio! With this new title, our current and prospective patients can expect the same level of top-notch care we have always provided, along with the luxury and comfort of three new treatment rooms that make our office as perfect as ever for state-of-the-art dental services and procedures. Despite the name change and addition of more office space, Dr. Mabry […]

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How Much Sugar is in Your Favorite Drink?

Be it naturally-occurring or artificially-sweetened, almost every delicious beverage contains sugar. The question is, just how much sugar is in some of our favorite drinks? Here are some interesting (and a little disturbing) sugar counts in popular beverages available on the grocery store shelves: A 12 oz can of Coca-Cola contains 39 grams of sugar A 20 oz bottle of Mountain Dew contains 77 grams of sugar An 8.3 oz can of Red Bull contains 27 grams of sugar A […]

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Oral DNA (Salivary) Testing

  Dr. Todd Mabry is pleased to announce the availability of 3 laboratory tests relating to oral health. We think that some of our patients may benefit from these tests, but they are usually not covered by your insurance. Therefore, we will only perform them at your request. So, it’s important for you to understand the tests and their related conditions. One of the conditions is gum disease, which can result in loss of your teeth. Bacteria and inflammation cause […]

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Beyond Bars: Helping Rehabilitated Prisoners Regain Confidence in Their Smiles

At our practice, our goal is to provide the highest quality dental care to help patients feel confident in their smiles. To demonstrate my commitment to patient care, I have joined a nonprofit foundation called Beyond Bars. This organization provides dental work for pre-screened, rehabilitated prisoners to help them regain confidence as they adapt to everyday life. Each of the women that I have had the pleasure of helping has been very appreciative and gone on to become productive citizens. […]

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