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What Are Implant Dentures?

Implant dentures
Implant dentures are an innovative alternative to traditional dentures that can offer exceptional stability and natural-looking results. A set of dental implants is strategically placed in the gums,  supporting the anchored denture and eliminating the risk of “slippage.” Implant-supported dentures are an excellent choice for patients missing an entire row of teeth or for patients who wish to upgrade from traditional dentures for an enhanced quality of life.

What Are the Pros of Implant Dentures?

Implant dentures offer a number of unique cosmetic and functional advantages over traditional dentures. Benefits of implant dentures can include:

Most patients report that they are better able to speak, chew, and drink with more ease after receiving implant dentures. Since implant dentures do not require as much jawbone density as single tooth dental implants, many patients with lower jawbone density choose implant dentures as an effective alternative with many of the same benefits. The best way to determine your candidacy for implant dentures is to schedule a consultation with an experienced cosmetic dentist.

What Are My Implant Denture Options?

During the consultation process, your dentist will perform an oral exam, review your medical history, discuss your personal goals, and determiner which implant denture option can best suit your needs. Common implant-supported denture options include:


Implant dentures
All-on-4® is a specific implant denture technique that uses four dental implants per arch to secure the restoration in place. Two dental implants are placed on either side of the front of the mouth, and two additional implants are placed near the back of the mouth. The back implants are angled posteriorly to maximize support.


For candidates with lower jawbone density, additional dental implants may be needed to firmly hold the implant denture in place. “All-on-6” is a modified version of the All-on-4® technique that uses six implants per arch rather than four.

Full Mouth Restoration

A full mouth restoration is performed when both arches require a denture. When the All-on-4® technique is chosen, eight total implants will hold the anchored dentures in place. With the All-on-6 technique, twelve total implants will be placed in the gums before the new restorations are attached.

How Is the Implant Dentures Procedure Performed?

The first step of the implant denture procedure is the consultation process. During this time, your dentist will use the oral exam and a conversation about your goals to design a customized treatment plan that can meet your expectations. Secondly, you will make an appointment to have the dental implants surgically implanted in the gums. Over the course of several months, these dental implants will fuse to the jawbone, ultimately providing superior support for your anchored dentures. While waiting for the dental implants to fuse to the jawbone, temporary restorations may be worn. Once the fusion has taken place, your dentist will attach your custom-designed implant dentures to complete your new, beautiful smile.

How Much Do Implant-Supported Dentures Cost?

Due to the number of variables that go into each customized implant denture procedure, there is no fixed cost. Factors that can affect the price of implant dentures include the selected implant denture option, the total number of dental implants, the complexity of the procedure, the experience of the dentist, and the geographic location of the practice. The average price for a full single-arch implant Hybrid denture is approximately $25,000. Patients can take advantage of our dental financing options for convenient methods of payment or low monthly installment plans.

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