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When considering certain dental procedures, it can be hard to visualize how the end result will look. To help patients visualize their projected outcome from treatments like porcelain veneers or dental implants, our team at North Scottsdale Dental Studio is happy to offer patients the option of a trial smile.

What Is a Trial Smile?

Woman reflectionA trial smile is a temporary restoration that allows you to try on your new smile before committing to a procedure. This prosthetic device is custom-made to reflect the anticipated results from your treatment plan. It is attached to the front of your teeth to help you evaluate what your final outcome may look like, making it possible to adjust the shape, color, or other design elements of your treatment(s).

What Are the Benefits of a Trial Smile?

By incorporating a trial smile into the planning process of your treatment plan, you are able to take an active role in the creation of your permanent restoration. Trial smiles offer our patients benefits such as:

Since the trial smiles we create are carefully crafted to match your projected results, you can help our cosmetic dentist, Dr. Todd Mabry, better understand your desires based on the feedback you provide. As a result, we are able to achieve high patient satisfaction, ensuring everyone loves their new smile.

What Does the Trial Smile Process Involve?

During your consultation, Dr. Mabry will listen to your dental concerns and perform an oral evaluation. Based on this information, he can recommend the most appropriate dental treatments that can help you achieve your aesthetic goals. Once a treatment plan has been established, digital impressions will be taken of your teeth and sent to our lab technicians. Utilizing your impressions, a photo of your smile, and details regarding your treatment plan, your trial smile can be created.

As soon as your trial smile is ready, you can return to our office to have it fitted and bonded. Dr. Mabry can make minor changes to your prosthesis at this visit to correspond with your preferences. If you would like to look at more options, another trial smile can be made based on any enhancements or alternative treatments you would like to see.

Once you have made your decision about whether you want to move forward with your treatment plan, Dr. Mabry will order your final restoration to be crafted. You will then return for your final dental appointment to complete the look of your new smile!

To schedule an appointment and learn more about how you can try on a trial smile, please contact our office today.

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Online Smile Consultation

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