What Happens If I Stop Wearing My Retainers?

Following orthodontic treatment, many patients are directed to wear a retainer in the months after their results are achieved. Using a retainer after braces and Invisalign® treatment is crucial to realigning a patient’s smile and bite. While it’s understandable for individuals to neglect wearing their retainers — especially after months of having braces or wearing their Invisalign® aligners — these dental tools should be worn as prescribed to prevent orthodontic relapse and prolong the longevity of your new smile.   For […]

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How To Fix A Chipped Tooth

Chipping a tooth can be painful and frustrating, and in order to fix this problem, you’ll probably need to take a trip to the dentist. With nearly 20 years in practice, Dr. Todd Mabry has extensive experience treating teeth that have become damaged in a variety of ways, including minor to severe chips. When it comes to treating your chipped or cracked tooth, there are four primary options: tooth-colored filling, dental bonding, dental crowns, or porcelain veneers. Each has a […]

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North Scottsdale Dental Studio To Host November Food Drive

Kicking off November in the spirit of giving back, our team at North Scottsdale Dental Studio will be partnering with St. Mary’s Food Bank. Dr. Todd Mabry and his team of dentists have always aimed to create a welcoming environment, treat our patients with the absolute best care possible, and provide life-changing results. Their efforts are not limited to providing top-notch dental care to their patients. This mindset carries over to the Scottsdale community and its members, prompting them to […]

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Why is My Tooth Loose?

Many people have experienced a loose tooth in their life and may have even wound up losing that tooth. While it can be alarming to have this happen, you may be wondering why it has become loose in the first place. There can be several reasons for one or more teeth to wiggle and eventually fall out. Our team at North Scottsdale Dental Studio wants you to be informed about the potential causes of unstable teeth, so you know how […]

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Why Are My Gums Bleeding?

If you notice your gums have started to bleed, this may be the result of an injury or infection. Injuries to the mouth — whether from a sports injury or even just chewing a sharp food like chips — can cause bleeding that happens once or multiple times if the wound opens back up. However, unlike with an infection, gums that have been injured tend to heal on their own. Infected gum tissue tends to be a chronic condition that […]

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Teeth Whitening vs. Porcelain Veneers

Achieving white teeth is one of the easiest ways to transform the look of not just your smile, but your entire facial appearance. Depending on the type and extent of your tooth discoloration or stains, you may be a good candidate for popular treatments like teeth whitening or porcelain veneers. To know which can help you achieve your aesthetic goals, you may want to understand the concerns that each solution specifically targets. For instance, teeth whitening can address staining and […]

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5 Tips for Choosing the Right Dentist

Choosing the right dentist is critical to receiving safe, top-quality dental care and optimal results. The following are five tips to follow when making this important decision. Review Credentials and Experience – Take a look at your prospective dentist’s biography page and any other resources you can find online that discuss his or her educational and professional background. Key elements that can help narrow down your search and provide you with a good idea of a dentist’s reputation include how […]

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Dr. Mabry Co-hosts Dental Implant Webinar

Dr. Todd Mabry recently co-hosted a webinar focusing on dental implants, titled, “Don’t Miss Life with Missing Teeth.” The discussion involved Dr. Mabry and other dental implant professionals answering frequently asked questions about implant solutions. During the webinar, the doctors explained the basics of how implant dentistry works and the various benefits of choosing implants to replace missing teeth. Dr. Mabry also presented patient cases, including an interview with one of his patients who received dental implants.  Watch the video below […]

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CEREC® Crowns vs. Lab-Made Crowns

In the past, patients in need of a dental crown would need to schedule two visits with their dentist to complete their final tooth restoration. This allowed for the dentist to work with a lab technician for the fabrication of the new crown. As dental technology has continued to advance over the years, the sophisticated system known as CEREC® has allowed dentists to offer crowns in just a single visit. CEREC is a type of CAD/CAM machine that makes planning […]

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How Long Do Dental Crowns Last?

Porcelain dental crowns are used to restore the form and function of a tooth that has been damaged, decayed, or weakened in some other way. As such a common tooth restoration, many patients wonder how long they can expect their porcelain crown to last. In most cases, crowns can last for a decade or longer when cared for properly. However, it is not uncommon for the restoration to need to be replaced or recemented after several years of wear and […]

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