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What Is Sedation Dentistry?

It’s well-known that one of the top reasons people neglect to receive the oral care they need and/or desire is due to feelings of unease or even fear associated with visiting the dentist. At North Scottsdale Dental Studio, our team recognizes how bothersome dental anxiety can be, which is why our dentists offer sedation dentistry to help significantly diminish—or even eliminate—any concerns patients might have about their dental appointment or treatment. Also referred to as “sleep dentistry,” sedation dentistry is […]

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Link Between Periodontal Disease and Systemic Health

The initial symptoms of periodontal disease can be inconvenient and uncomfortable: red, swollen, sore gums; gums that bleed easily; and bad breath. However, several recent studies have demonstrated that gum disease may impact more than just our oral health. When the wellness of our mouth is compromised, more serious—and even life threatening—health conditions may arise. The American Academy of Periodontology has shown that conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, and cancer all have probable links to gum disease. […]

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What Causes Gum Disease?

A gradual buildup of plaque and harmful bacteria at the gum line is typically the main cause of periodontal disease (more commonly known as gum disease). While poor oral hygiene is often the main culprit for plaque and bacterial accumulation, there are additional risk factors that can increase your chances for developing gum disease, such as: Smoking: Smoking (and/or other tobacco product use) can reduce the gum tissue’s ability to repair itself, making the gums more susceptible to harmful bacteria. […]

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What Are My Treatment Options for TMJ Disorder?

Are you experiencing chronic headaches, persistent jaw pain, popping sensations when opening and closing your mouth, or any other symptoms associated with TMJ disorder? There’s no reason to suffer any longer! Thanks to advancements made in neuromuscular dentistry, individuals bothered by TMJ disorder – also known as TMD – have a number of effective treatment options that can help significantly reduce, or even eliminate, the pain and discomfort caused by this common condition. Here at North Scottsdale Dental Studio, our […]

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How Do I Know If I Have TMJ Disorder?

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is located in the area where the jaw meets the base of the skull and is responsible for all movements of the lower jaw. When functioning properly, this important joint enables us to seamlessly open and close our mouths to speak, chew, and yawn without any discomfort or complications. However, when not functioning properly, the temporomandibular joint can be the source of significant orofacial pain and numerous other concerns that may not initially seem related. This […]

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How Long Do Teeth Whitening Results Last?

Following Venus White® Max in-office teeth whitening here at North Scottsdale Dental Studio, patients can usually expect their results to last anywhere from six to twelve months. This timeframe can often be extended or shortened, however, depending on one’s unique personal habits. For instance, individuals who eat a lot of high-staining foods (such as berries, ketchup, beets, etc.) or frequently drink high-staining beverages (such as coffee, wine, and tea) may begin to notice staining and/or discoloration of their teeth a […]

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Over-the-Counter vs. Professional Teeth Whitening

With the number of teeth whitening options available today, it can be hard to decide whether you should pursue an over-the-counter technique or professional treatment at a dental office to achieve the brilliant smile you desire. While both choices have proved to diminish stains and brighten teeth for the right individuals, there are a few key differences between over-the-counter and professional-grade methods that can help you determine which option may be more appropriate for your unique needs and goals. According […]

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Stress During Pregnancy May Increase Your Child’s Risk for Cavities

It’s no secret that chronic stress during pregnancy can have a number of negative effects on the child, some of which may include a low birthweight as well as a heightened risk of developing asthma and certain allergies. According to a new study, another potential condition can be added to that list: cavities. While poor dental hygiene habits and frequent consumption of sugar-rich foods and drinks certainly play a significant role in the cause of cavities in children, the new […]

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What Is Gingivitis?

Gingivitis is a term meaning inflammation of the gums. Characterized by red, puffy gums, this condition is a non-destructive form of periodontal (gum) disease, though if left untreated, it can often develop into a more serious concern known as periodontitis. Should it reach this stage, issues such as gum recession and tooth loss may occur. The most common signs and symptoms of gingivitis can include: Bright red and/or purple gums Gums that are tender or even painful Bleeding of the […]

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New Evidence in Link Between Gum Disease and Heart Disease

Atherosclerosis – a term for the hardening and/or thickening of arteries – occurs when cholesterol, fats, and other substances build up to form plaque along the walls of arteries. Depending on their size, these plaques can partially or fully block blood flow in the artery. When this blockage occurs in coronary arteries, it could eventually result in a heart attack. It’s long been established that gum disease and heart disease have a common link. Past research has proved that Porphyromonas […]

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