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Many people have experienced a loose tooth in their life and may have even wound up losing that tooth. While it can be alarming to have this happen, you may be wondering why it has become loose in the first place. There can be several reasons for one or more teeth to wiggle and eventually fall out. Our team at North Scottsdale Dental Studio wants you to be informed about the potential causes of unstable teeth, so you know how to respond should this happen.

Accidental Injury

A common occurrence for many is to accidentally injure your mouth, leading to a tooth coming loose or even losing teeth. Through any strenuous activity or a simply falling, this can lead to you dislodging one or more teeth. Hitting your mouth in any capacity can cause the ligaments surrounding your teeth to weaken. This connection between your teeth and ligaments is crucial and any change can result in a “loose tooth.”

Natural Aging Process

Your teeth may come loose as a result of the natural aging process. While we all know that you lose your first set of teeth when you’re younger, your adult teeth may also start to become loose as you age. While it is not ideal, nor a part of the plan like losing your baby teeth is, the natural aging process can lead to jawbone recession that leads to loose teeth.


Do you grind or clench your teeth? Well, the syndrome known as bruxism can lead you to inadvertently weaken your teeth and possibly cause them to become loose. Adding extra and unnecessary pressure to your teeth by grinding them can gradually shift the tooth, making it unstable. This is why wearing a nightguard when you sleep is important to help minimize grinding.

Gum Disease

Gum disease can be a serious cause of loosening teeth and tooth loss altogether. If you don’t keep up with proper dental hygiene, harmful bacteria may build up in your mouth. That bacteria can lead to periodontal pockets and even receding gum lines. All of these factors can lead to the weakening of your periodontal structures, which can eventually cause your teeth to become loose.

What Are My Solutions for Loose Teeth?

If your teeth are already loose or you are looking for a tooth replacement, our practice offers numerous options for restorative and cosmetic dentistry. For patients with more substantial tooth replacement needs, patients can opt for a full mouth reconstruction to restore their entire smile. Others may be better candidates for singular dental treatments like dental implants or dental bridges to address individual missing teeth.

If your teeth are loose or you want to know more about preventative care for your teeth, contact our practice today!

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