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Woman Looking At Her Teeth In The MirrowIf you notice your gums have started to bleed, this may be the result of an injury or infection. Injuries to the mouth — whether from a sports injury or even just chewing a sharp food like chips — can cause bleeding that happens once or multiple times if the wound opens back up. However, unlike with an infection, gums that have been injured tend to heal on their own. Infected gum tissue tends to be a chronic condition that requires intervention.

The most common form of gum disease is called gingivitis, and bleeding gums is one of the first signs of this problem. If left untreated, gingivitis can worsen and turn into periodontitis, which begins to cause irreversible damage. This is why our dentists at North Scottsdale Dental Studio advise patients to schedule an appointment if they suffer from chronic gum bleeding, such as when brushing their teeth or flossing. While a small amount of bleeding can be normal as the gums get used to a new routine, like regularly flossing, bleeding that persists and happens every time can be a sign of a problem. 

To treat bleeding gums caused by gingivitis, our dentists can perform a professional teeth cleaning to remove plaque. This buildup cannot be cleaned at home, as it requires a more thorough cleaning process. In addition to this, you may be recommended to undergo gum disease treatment like deep scaling and root planing. If your bleeding gums are a symptom of more advanced gum disease, you may need laser therapy to manage your condition.

The good news is if you have gingivitis, this is usually reversible, and with the proper care, you can not only stop the bleeding but restore your periodontal health. For more information about gum disease, or to schedule an appointment to learn the cause of your bleeding gums, please contact us today!

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