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Smiles Beyond The Bars (SBTB) is a Christian-based organization devoted to helping restore beautiful smiles for reformed inmates in need of dental care following their release from prison. Through a variety of oral services, the goal is for these former detainees to gain the confidence they need in their smile to become successful and productive members of society. As a dental dignitary and board member of the SBTB organization, Dr. Mabry had the opportunity to utilize his skill and expertise in a unique and rewarding case.

According to an article in Inscriptions – an Arizona Dental Association (AzDA) online publication – Dr. Mabry had the privilege of helping a woman by the name of Cynthia, whose teeth had been knocked out over a decade ago. In collaboration with a local periodontist, Dr. Mabry was able to extract Cynthia’s remaining damaged teeth and insert dental implants into her jawbone, effectively enabling brand-new sets of upper and lower implant-supported dentures to fit comfortably and securely in her mouth.

Only Cynthia herself could sum the results up best: “I have been hiding my smile behind my hands and my hair for so many years. Now I look normal. I feel like I can now go out and get a good job as a professional. Now I have the confidence to do it.”

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