Beyond Bars: Helping Rehabilitated Prisoners Regain Confidence in Their Smiles

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At our practice, our goal is to provide the highest quality dental care to help patients feel confident in their smiles. To demonstrate my commitment to patient care, I have joined a nonprofit foundation called Beyond Bars. This organization provides dental work for pre-screened, rehabilitated prisoners to help them regain confidence as they adapt to everyday life.

Each of the women that I have had the pleasure of helping has been very appreciative and gone on to become productive citizens. Beyond Bars has about 19 prospects for the coming year that will need various levels of help. Making a difference in their lives and helping them adapt to the society is what inspires me most about working with the Beyond Bars organization.

Beyond Bars is part of the national movement to prevent mass incarceration. The foundation creates short videos and engages in social media to support a more conducive approach to public safety. Beyond Bars partners with a variety of organizations to help advocate policies about community rather than incarceration.

Our practice just donated a free case to a female prisoner named Cynthia who was recently released from jail. We will be providing her with advanced dental services to fix her teeth as she begins to get back into the workforce. Currently, she has no teeth, and we are providing her with upper and lower dentures with dental implants to support them. We also conducted a Cone Beam scan to determine if she has enough bone to place the implants.

Joining the Beyond Bars organization has allowed our practice to help out less fortunate people who are not able to afford the dental work they really need. Our goal is to help them succeed when readapting to everyday life.

To learn more about Beyond the Bars, visit

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