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Most people associate a white smile with health, youth, and vitality. Unfortunately, maintaining a bright smile can often be a challenge, depending upon your diet. For example, acidic foods can soften enamel and create a rougher surface that attracts stains, and tannins in food can cause stains to stick to the teeth. Additionally, chromogens—which are heavily-pigmented compounds found in some foods and beverages—can easily stain tooth enamel.

If you are trying to maintain a bright smile, try to consume these five common foods in moderation:

Teeth are naturally prone to stains and discoloration, but avoiding foods that are high in acids, tannins, and chromogens may help. For those who are still unhappy with the color of their teeth despite conscious diet efforts, professional teeth whitening treatments can significantly reduce surface-level stains as well as deep-set discoloration, helping to restore a beautiful, white smile.

To learn how teeth whitening can brighten your smile, please contact our office today for a consultation.

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