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What Causes Bad Breath and How Can It Be Treated?

shutterstock_240243799 (1)Are you concerned about bad breath on a frequent basis? You’re not alone. Medically known as halitosis, bad breath is an issue that affects millions of people each and every day – and that’s just in the United States. Apart from poor oral hygiene, some of the most common causes of this concern can include the particular food you eat, gum disease, perpetual dry mouth, smoking and/or tobacco use, and even certain medical conditions.

When treating halitosis, determining its root cause is an integral part of effectively resolving the issue. At North Scottsdale Dental Studio, we know how important a role fresh breath can play in a variety of social and intimate settings, which is why we offer a unique Fresh Breath Program that can help us identify and treat the specific source of your halitosis.

To begin the Fresh Breath Program, Dr. Todd Mabry or Dr. Jeff Styskal will employ an innovative technology known as the Halimeter® to test your breath. Using a special gas sensor, this advanced system can detect the particular bacteria in your mouth that may be causing bad breath, cavities, or even gum disease. Based on this precise analysis, our dentists can then devise a customized program consisting of proper oral hygiene instructions, tobacco and nutritional counseling, and several dental products and treatments that are available at our practice.

Ultimately, with a Fresh Breath Program personalized just for you, we can help you attain optimal oral health with little to no signs of halitosis.

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