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Dental Implants Cost

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For many individuals seeking to replace missing and/or severely damaged teeth, implant dentistry is regarded as the premier solution. Designed to mimic a natural tooth root, dental implants are tiny titanium posts placed strategically in the space left by the former tooth or teeth. Over time, these posts fuse to the jawbone, creating a strong foundation for customized crowns to be secured in place for a natural-looking result. Depending on the patient’s unique needs, dental implants can also be used to secure dentures and/or dental bridges for improved function and stability of these restorations.

The total cost of dental implants will be based on several different factors, chief of which is the number of implants needed to replace one’s missing or damaged teeth. Additional components that can impact the overall expense of treatment include where the practice is located geographically, the skill and expertise of the dentist, whether or not tooth extraction and/or bone grafting is required, the particular restoration being secured to the implant, and the quality of materials/technology used to perform the procedure.

For women and men interested in dental implants at our practice, one of our cosmetic dentists will first conduct a thorough dental examination to determine if this restorative treatment would be the most appropriate and beneficial option. In the event dental implants are the right choice, he can then provide an approximate estimate of the total cost based on the specifics of the suggested plan for treatment.carecredit

To help make dental implants as affordable as possible, North Scottsdale Dental Studio offers dental financing and payment plan options through CareCredit®—a trusted third-party medical care lender. With numerous low monthly payment plans and little to no interest rates, CareCredit® can help make dental implants a realistic treatment for almost any budget. Our team will gladly review your insurance coverage and/or help you begin the CareCredit® approval process as soon as you are prepared to move forward with treatment.

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