What Are My Treatment Options for TMJ Disorder?

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Are you experiencing chronic headaches, persistent jaw pain, popping sensations when opening and closing your mouth, or any other symptoms associated with TMJ disorder? There’s no reason to suffer any longer! Thanks to advancements made in neuromuscular dentistry, individuals bothered by TMJ disorder – also known as TMD – have a number of effective treatment options that can help significantly reduce, or even eliminate, the pain and discomfort caused by this common condition. Here at North Scottsdale Dental Studio, our experienced dentist, Dr. Todd Mabry offers the following solutions for TMD patients:

When you come in for an appointment at our office, Dr. Mabry will sit down with you to comprehensively discuss the symptoms you are experiencing. After evaluating your specific needs, he will then recommend the particular technique he believes will most effectively address your concerns. Should you choose to proceed, your treatment will be custom-tailored to provide the best results possible, ultimately helping to resolve your TMJ pain and alleviate its associated issues.

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