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Fresh Breath Program

Halitosis – more commonly referred to as “bad breath” – is an everyday concern for millions of people in the U.S. alone. At North Scottsdale Dental Studio, we know our patients want to be kissable and have sexy, healthy smiles with pink gums, fresh breath, and no cavities. In addition to providing a comprehensive range of general, cosmetic, and advanced dental care, Dr. Todd Mabry and Dr. Anna Vaysman also offer a unique Fresh Breath Program to help you achieve this goal.

To get started with the Fresh Breath Program, our dentists will test your breath by employing an advanced technology called the Halimeter®. This innovative system utilizes a special gas sensor to detect specific bacteria thfreshbreathat may be contributing to chronic halitosis, gum disease, and/or cavities. With the precision analysis provided by the Halimeter®, our skilled cosmetic dentists can then formulate a personalized program that consists of nutritional and tobacco counseling, oral hygiene instructions, and the newest dental products we have available to help you attain fresh breath and optimal oral health.

To view an example of our nutritional counseling on the pH balance in popular brands of bottled water, take a look at this PDF.

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